Our Partners


A big thank you to all our partners, who support us an sell our Syrup.

A Special Thank you to:


The Family Business Delia :


Famill Delia-Weiler
2, rue de Bissen
L-9173 Michelbouch


The Distillery Romain Gansen-Diseviscourt:


Distillerie Agricole 
Maison 1,
L-7425 Finsterthal



The Burger Restaurant "Grillzone":


L-7795 Bissen



The Shop "Le Petit Panier" :


Le Petit Panier
3 Rue de la Laiterie
L-7783 Bissen


The bakery "Beim Bäcker Jos" :


Bäcker Jos

Beim Bäcker Jos
14A r. Principale
L-7470 Saeul





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